Family Law

When your family is going through a major transition, you need a lawyer with the sensitivity, compassion and expertise to support you and ensure your needs are met. At Casale & Bonner, P.C., each of our attorneys has at least 20 years of experience. We are proud to provide legal services to families in Williamsport, PA and the surrounding areas, and we are committed to settling as many cases as possible without going to court. By maintaining close communication with our clients throughout the whole process, we are able to reach resolutions that help all parties move on and maintain their standard of living.

Family Law Williamsport PA

Helping You With Your Family Transitions Since 1956

One of the largest decisions to be made in the event of a divorce is how the property and debts will be split up. Our attorneys will help you to reach an outcome that is fair and equitable.

In the event of divorce or separation, child custody and visitation rights are extremely important decisions that need to be made. We know that each parent wants to maintain a large part in their child’s life. We work to determine physical custody, or who the child will live with; legal custody, or who can make major decisions for the child; and visitation rights. Taking custody and visitation cases to court can be very emotionally taxing for all involved, so we work hard to reach a resolution outside of court that is satisfactory to all parties.

Our attorneys will create and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to ensure that in the event that the marriage ends in divorce, both parties’ financial assets are protected.

We handle all different types of adoptions, whether you are a stepparent or you are adopting a child from out of state or out of the country.

In the case that a parent breaks the law or a father doesn’t claim paternity, parental rights can be involuntarily terminated. A parent can also choose to have their parental rights terminated. We have the experience to handle these stressful and emotional cases.

When your family is undergoing a major transition, you need experienced attorneys who can provide legal counsel that helps you to make the best decisions. Contact us today at 570-326-7044 to schedule a consultation or for more information.